Mr. Lai Truong Vu (SN 1978) - Expert of Cao Lanh People's Committee - People's Committee came from a family of farmers. His family farming more than 6 garden. The investment cost of irrigation systems is quite large, especially sprayers, which cost more than 4 million VND for a garden, from which he has found out the invention of the type of spray cheap price extremely Utilities.

Father Truong Vu's children in the irrigation system of the family

Mr. Vu said: "My homemade Berk is based on the principle of operation of sprayers, I have studied and changed with cheaper materials to reduce investment costs. Initially do not test water as you want to do it over and over again. After finishing, I installed the whole family irrigation system. "

"Normally, the spray used for a long time will be clogged into the clog, for this type of baby just back up and start the system of water spray, rubbish in the water will be pushed out," - he shared.

Mr. Lai Van Banh (Mr. Vu's father) said: Previously, each time it takes more than 4 hours to complete, now less than 1 hour is complete, the investment cost of this spray is much cheaper. compared to regular spray. Mr. Banh compared, the investment cost per homemade spray is 6,000 VND, 6 gardening house I only need 500 investment, about 3 million VND but the performance is still not inferior to normal type. While the type of spray sold in the market for about 45,000 to 75,000 VND / duck, much investment, so many gardeners are afraid.

Currently, Vu has boldly invested to establish a production base with modern equipment: plastic injection molding machine, plastic mold ... He also registered patents for products with the brand name: "Béc CV processing ". Each month, Mr. Vu comes to the market from 5000 to 10,000 self-made CV.

For gardeners, the investment in fixed irrigation pumps is very necessary, because of the convenience and lightness of the work. However, due to the relatively low cost of spraying, many small-scale growers have no conditions. invest. The discovery, creation of new spray, cheap price of Lai Truong Vu bring great significance, helping farmers to improve economic efficiency.

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