The most commonly used water sprayers today

Sprinkler irrigation

- In order to irrigate local moisture, LF2400 is the most irrigated, up to 92%, irrigation time is 1 ha is 4 hours. The water is from the corner to the outside but the water is only 1,549 liters per hour. Use quite durable. Western area and Binh Thuan use a lot.

In order to irrigate a lot of water, it is advisable to use Taiwanese dams, especially with medium price, 34 teeth, 4 water jets, flow: 5m3 / h, radius 12-20m. The irrigation time was tested in Tam Vu - Long An is 45 minutes wet basis dragon fruit. Time of use is not usually 3 years.

- In order to irrigate with the most time, the water quantity is the most and can be used for irrigation. It is recommended to use 3-in-1 irrigation system and to save water - not much mechanical effect such as grass cutting, pruning. ..

Price: Using the price range is usually from 45-50 million / 1ha has been guaranteed to cover over 90%. Using 3 in 1 good irrigation system, the price falls to about 85,000 vnd / dragon head.

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